Neem Soap by SUZYHONEY
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Known to be used in Ayurvedic Treatment


For skin problems it acts as an Antioxidant; it contains anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-viral and is ideal for relieving skin diseases such as: Eczema, Skin allergies, Rash, Itching, Ringworm.


For Daily Use.

Background of the NEEM leaves (*Daun Semambu)


  • The tree grows rapidly.

  • Living in tropical and semi-tropical countries.

  • Its name in Africa (Swahili) means 'tree 40' it is said to cure 40 diseases.

  • In India, this tree is known by various names such as 'magic tree', 'cure all diseases', 'natural medicine shop', 'medicine for all diseases' etc.

  • The tree is drought resistant and can survive in areas with less water / dry or sandy soils.

  • In India, these tree branches are chewed to clean teeth.

  • In Senegal, this tree has been used as a malaria drug effectively.

  • In the Pacific archipelago leaves bamboo / semambu / smell / neem thrown into the sea, he said fish like laying eggs on the leaves.

  • Leaves, fruits, flowers and tree bark are used for medicine.

  • Bamboo / insect and ginger leaf for worm / vermifuge (anthelmintic)

  • Antifungal (antifungal)

  • Diabetes (antidiabetic)

  • Antivirus (antiviral)

  • Anti-fertility / killing semen (anti-fertility)

  • Medicines (sedative)

  • Used in Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases.

  • Acne medicine (acne treatment)

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