SUZY HONEY Chenta Oil 10ml
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Women Feminine Care.

A herbal oil formulated specifically for women's intimate care. Acts as an Anti-Bacterial; Soothing & Hydrating; Firming & Tightening.


Contains special blends of traditional herbs:

MANJAKANI (Quercus infectoria)  is a species of oak, bearing galls that have been traditionally used for centuries medicinally in Asia;

CLOVE OIL;  Minyak Serapat @VIRGIN OIL; Minyak Halia (Zingiber Officinalis) @GINGER OIL


Size: 10ml



  • Acts as a sweet smelling antiseptic to clean the vaginal area

  • Provides freshness, cleans and clears white discharges,

  • Tightens and strengthens the vaginal area,

  • Regular use moisturises the delicate skin around the women's intimate part.


Suitable for use :
** After menstruation; before and after intercourse
** If there is unpleasant discharges.
** As a special routine for regular care


Method of use :

  1. Clean your fingers and your intimate part. (Recommended to use SuzyHoney's Feminine Wash)

  2. Drips 2 to 3 drops of Chenta Oil on to fingers and massage slowly around the vaginal area.

  3. Apply also 1 to 2 dots in the intimate part of the lips for moisturising effects.

No need to clean after applying Chenta Oil. Let it absorb.


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