Aura Soap by SUZYHONEY
Aura Soap by SUZYHONEY
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Flower Power


The combination of flower molecules and aura of the body can give a special boost in restoring a person's freshness and beauty. Ideal for future brides as it can relieve sress and give a feeling of emotional stability and cheerfulness.


Formulated from several types of flowers: Rose, Iris, Lily, Saffron,Ylang ylang, Melati or Jasmine, Vitamin E & Vitamin C, and  Evening Primrose oil.

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Flower bath which is identical with the sacred and mystical, it is also very beneficial for health. Element of water and flowers as the main media, able to provide freshness and affection in the soul and body.

European studies revealed, bathing was not only good for cleaning the dirt and keep the body from stress, but also has an important role in enhancing the immune system.

The study results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that people with diabetes who spent just 30 minutes of soaking in a tub of warm water can lower blood sugar level about 13 percent.

Meanwhile, research in Japan habit revealed a 10-minute soak in warm water can improve heart health in men and women, helping to better exercise test, and reduce pain.

How to shower flowers? In essence, water and flowers are two elements that can be used as a means of relaxation. In the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, water is a very powerful element in the practice of energy healing.

Water is also positioned as a center of spiritual ritual. Not surprisingly, many cultures in the world consider water as an essential element for physical and spiritual cleansing. Until now, millions of people still came to a river or spring water is considered holy to have healing properties. Interest in water is a very instinctive for most of the composition of the brain, blood, and our muscles consist of water.

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