ERBA Jamu Rupawan
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Traditional Remedy For The Modern Woman.

The ERBA Jamu is inspired by remedies known by generations of Asian women.

May be taken by women between late teens to post menopause, it helps with hormone regulation, skin glow and just overall women's internal health, not to mention the additional boost of Energy!

100% made from Nusantara natural ingredients.


CONTENT: 50 Capsules Per Bottle

The Malay traditional and ancient approach of beauty care is really a blend of art and patience.

Herbs are carefully selected based on each of their strength and benefits, and they are prepared with love. The ERBA Jamu is not made with extract but powder forms of different natural herbs and packed in vegetable capsules.

Benefits of JAMU RUPAWAN

  • Aid in hormone regulations.

  • Regular use stabilised bodily functions, removed embarrassing odour during menstruation

  • Anti-aging properties with 'TemuLawak' having powerful Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory actions.


  • Herba Asli Temulawak ( Curcoma Xanthorhiza)
  • Kunyit Putih (Curcoma Zedoaria)
  • Delima Putih (White Pomegranate)
  • Kayu Serapat (Paramaria Leavigata)


Photography Styling Courtesy of *ERBA Beauty

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