ERBA Jamu Andara
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Traditional Remedy For The Modern Woman.

The ERBA Jamu is inspired by remedies known by generations of Asian women.

This herbal remedy is specifically for female tightening. May be taken by women who is sexually active and nursing mothers. (* 1 Capsule per day) *NOT Encouraged for Pregnant Women.

100% made from Nusantara natural ingredients.

CONTENT: 50 Capsules Per Bottle

The Malay traditional and ancient approach of beauty care is really a blend of art and patience.

Herbs are carefully selected based on each of their strength and benefits, and they are prepared with love. The ERBA Jamu is not made with extract but powder forms of different natural herbs and packed in vegetable capsules.

Benefits of JAMU ANDARA

The main ingredients being BETEL Leaves contains many curative and healing health benefits. The leaves is full of vitamins: Vitamin C, thiamine, niacin, riboflavine and carotine, and a great source of calcium.


  • Betel Leaves
  • White Ginger
  • White Pomegranate
  • Manjakani -  Quercus Infectoria is a species of oak, bearing galls that have been traditionally used medicinally in Asia for centuries.
  • Rimpang Kunyit (Turmeric Rhizome)
  • Akar Rapat
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