APOTEC Eury Juice Tongkat Ali Beverage
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Energy Boost & Hormone Balancing

Apotec Tongkat Ali Beverage is specially design for men who always on the go.

It consists of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) with lemon taste. To improve men’s vitality via restoring of hormone balance (testosterone), Enhance immune function via antiulcer, anthelmintic, antimalarial, and antibacterial activity and enhance energy by improving the muscle strength and power in adult men.



Main ingredients: - Tongkat Ali - Lemon Juice


Direction of Use: Drink 1 bottle per serving.


Benefits of Eury Juice Tongkat Ali :

1) Restoring hormon balance. Improving testosterone level.

2) Promote reproductive function. Improve the sperm quality, sperm count, size and speed.

3) Enhance immune system & energy. Increase metabolic rate and improving blood circulation.

4) Improving muscle strength in adult men. Improved responsiveness to strenuous activity and exercise.



Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) root has been popular for many years as an herbal treatment in Malaysia. It’s been used as an aphrodisiac, a treatment for sexual dysfunction and more.


Tongkat Ali Long Jack has also gained popularity in the athletic community as a sports supplement additive due to its reputation for stimulating testosterene production, in turn purportedly increasing strength, muscle mass and power.

Tongkat Ali Long Jack comes from a mid-sized shrub that can grow as high as 10 meters in height.

Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia is derived from a tall, slow-growing evergreen shrub found throughout Southeast Asia.

Its popularity and overuse as a libido enhancer have caused it to become a “protected” plant species in its native country.


The commonly known uses of tongkat ali root and bark include:

  • Increasing blood flow
  • Treating erectile dysfunction
  • Treating male infertility
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Powerlifting
  • Reducing body fat

Tongkat Ali is also used for such health purposes as treating ulcers, high blood pressure, fever, malaria, headache, tuberculosis, diarrhea, cough, syphilis and much more.



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